Thursday, May 14, 2015

Traveling Thursday- Alaska

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All Aboard! 

Grab your passports people!

 One of my many passions is travel.

I've decided to start sharing a tidbit each Thursday about a favorite destination and some tips! I'm thinking of creating a linky party so we can all share travel tips and become super savvy travelers to help find some great trips to spend our INCREDIBLY large teacher salaries on!


My hubby & I sampling a potato skewer in Juneau.

We traveled to Alaska in May 2011. It is still one of my most cherished vacations. We took a cruise from Seattle to Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, and Prince Rupert British Columbia. We traveled the inside passage up through Alaska.

If you have been on a cruise before, and don't mind being in open water, then you will be fine. However, if you have been on a cruise and maybe felt like jumping overboard due to being sea sick it just wasn't for you, well then this cruise is actually PERFECT for you! Since we traveled the inside passage, the water was NEVER choppy. It was like cruising on a pristine lake. You could see land on both sides of the ship for most of the trip. 
The Inside Passage is nestled between landforms.

Amazing sunsets, starting to rain on the right.

I'm not going to spoil the trip for you, but I will share my favorite part! DOG SLEDDING! 
I am a HUGE dog lover, so when we got the chance to dog sled in Alaska, I screeched like a schoolgirl  asked my husband to sign us up! 

Did I mention it was on top of a mountain? 
AND we had to travel 

I mean, talk about amazing! 

The dogs were part of a program that helped keep them in shape for the Iditarod. 

The Iditarod training camp.

The tents are set up for the volunteers that live on the glacier! Their only transportation is down to the town once a week by helicopter. I begged asked my husband to let me volunteer, but that didn't go over to well. 

The glaciers are considered National Parks and are protected. The volunteers have to remove all dog waste and hair from the glacier DAILY! They have to collect it and throw it over the side of the mountain. I thought that was so interesting. 

My hubby and I dressed super warm, HELLO, we were going to a glacier, OF COURSE it was going to be freezing! 

Fun Fact: Snow reflects sun. Mountains are closer to the sun. It's warm on top of a glacier. 

Even with the heat, it was an amazing experience to be out on the open snow, being pulled by amazingly strong and disciplined dogs! 
Dog Sledding

There were so many amazing excursions that we experienced on this trip, I PROMISE you would not be disappointed if you took the jaunt! 


*Book your trip several months out, my favorite website for flights is Google Flights
* Pack multiple layers of clothes
*Go during the summer months
*Bring an eye mask- daylight lasts foreverrrrrr and this will help you sleep 
*Book excursions that take you away from the town you dock in

*Don't shop in town, the best deals and Alaskan made items are further out in the town shops
*Don't wait to much longer to book your trip! :)

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