Friday, May 22, 2015

Five for Friday

I am STILL on crutches! 
TWO weeks later. 
I am not sure that I remember what it was like to teach B.C. (before crutches). Please pray that I get rid of these before we are out for the summer!

My FAB team @ River Banks Zoo

We had our final field trip of the year! I know y'all are tired of hearing me brag on my F-A-B team, but I can't help it! They were so kind and pushed me in a wheelchair around the zoo!! 

I am already preparing for my first bulletin board of the year! My current students are creating letters of advice to leave for my upcoming class. Such a cute idea, thanks to Kristin at School and The City ! I love that most of my kiddos suggested that the upcoming students master their punctuation skills! 
Am I crazy about correct punctuation? 

I have been sooo jealous of my Instagram friends who are already enjoying summer break! We have 13 days left, and are in the middle of End of Grade testing! Although, I will be super sad to say goodbye to this sweet group of kiddos. 

This time next month my hubby and I will be in JAPAN!! We are B.E.Y.O.N.D excited, but also anxious about traveling to a foreign country. 

On Crutches

We are staying in Tokyo for 1 week and Okinawa for 1 week. Stay tuned for several Travelin' Thursday posts once I return! 

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  1. Wow, I cannot image getting through the school day on crutches much less going to Japan! Good for you! You will have killer arms after this!
    Enjoy the long weekend!
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