Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Funday- My Five for Friday

WHAT a week it has been! 

So many incredible and unexpected things happened in my life this past week!

Last Friday my 2nd grade team and I were blessed to visit the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. We were inspired from the moment we walked in the door. Not only was RCA an amazing experience, but getting the chance to bond with my teammates outside of the school setting was amazeballs

I am really going to miss the dynamic of these wonderful group of people! Check out this older post if you want to know more about my experience at RCA!

I had my FIRST TPT sale on Tuesday! Whoop Whoop! I was so excited to share with my fellow TPT'er that I had to interrupt her teaching to tell her! That's normal, right?! 

Now. The. Craziest. News. of. the.Week.

Sooooo Boosterthon was at our school last week. This is our school's largest fundraiser of the year and is usually a blast! I mean, the kids still had a blast, but I may have been a little too competitive excited to win a teacher competition! 

Needless to say my Wednesday ended early when I had to be taken to the hospital via wheelchair and First Responders! Talk about an embarrassing moment! Then to tell the Principal that I was goofing off when I got hurt! **sigh** Not my proudest moment! 

About four hours later I was diagnosed with a sprained knee and given ONE crutch! Talk about off-balance! 

Did I mention that Thursday I was supposed to fly to Florida for a fun weekend getaway with my hubby? 

Well that didn't happen! 

He was already in FL for business, and was able to fly back Thursday night. I am incredibly blessed and thankful to have family here in Charlotte, they took great care of me before my hubby was able to take over! Luckily, we only lost out on a couple hundred dollars on the trip. It sounds like a lot, but it could have been a lot worse!

I want back to the doctor on Friday and S C O R E, they gave me another crutch! I felt like I had won the lottery! However, bad news followed, and I am being scheduled for an MRI since now the doctor thinks I may have torn my ACL. #aintnobodygottimeforthat 

I have two major trips planned within the next month! 

In the mean time I will be teaching while sitting 80% of the time, not walking for more than 10 minutes, no stairs, no bending or lifting....right!! What do doctors think teachers do?!?!? 

Have a blessed and safe week everyone!


  1. Oh my! What a week you had! When I student taught I ended up dislocating my knee cap and tearing all the ligaments that held it in place, I feel your pain. I hope the MRI reveals good news for you and you have a quick recovery!

    1. Thank You Sarah! I am praying for just a sprain!!

  2. Yikes - that's tough having a knee injury right when summer is about to start. I hope you're feeling better and recover quickly! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much Susan! It's not the best timing in the world, that's for sure! Crossing my fingers :).

  3. Wahhhh I'm going to miss you so much!!