Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Technology Tuesday-Krazy for Kahoot!

 Today my kiddos played Kahoot for the first time and went NUTS! They couldn't even stay in their seats! Talk about peeled to the screen! :)

 It was such a great way to front load or review materials. The kids were SO engaged, since they had technology right at their fingertips and could interact with one another. Let's take a minute to laugh at the names my kiddos chose for themselves! I am going to miss this group of crazy kiddos! I highly recommend using this FREE website in your classroom! It would work great in small groups too. Here are the steps I took to get my kiddos started:

1.  Click the picture above to get started. You can create a free account in seconds. 
2. This will be your main screen. I like to browse before creating anything of my own. You can do this by click the "Public Kahoots" tab at the top of the screen.

3. This is the next screen you are taken to and where you can browse from. Currently we are finishing up Fairy Tales, so that's what I searched and there were so many great options already created! Choose the option that works for you. As you are searching, you can "favorite" an item, and it will save it to a list on your home screen.
As you scroll down, you can view the questions currently in the game, you can also edit, delete, or add your own! I ALWAYS view the questions before playing, you never know what might pop up! When you are ready to play, click the purple play button in the middle of the screen.
4. Launch your game. You will be given a game code. Students use this code by going to kahoot.it and entering it. We were able to access Kahoot.it using multiple devices, like iPads, desktop computers, Nooks, and iPods, which was great! You can even use it on your phone in the browser. You can put the "app" on your phone by adding it to your home screen. Once your kiddos have joined, they can create their name which will show up on the screen.
5. This is what all questions will look like on the main computer or teacher device. Students will need to see this screen because on their devices they will only see the colored shapes. Students pick the colored shape that corresponds with the correct answer to answer the question.

My ABSOLUTE favorite part about this game is at the end! Once students have answered all of the questions, you can import the DATA into Google Drive! It breaks it down per student and you can use it to guide your instruction! What What!

I hope you try this in your classroom! Shoot me a message if you have questions!


  1. I created an account last week on this, but I haven't been able to play with it yet.

    Kovescence of the Mind

    1. I hope you get the chance soon! It's VERY user friendly. I was so surprised by how many of my kiddos came in this morning saying they went home last night to play with their older siblings! So fun!

  2. I've been hearing so much about Kahoot!! Do each of your kids need to have their own personal device?

    1. Not at all! We get 10 iPads on Tuesdays, and we have a few more classroom devices to use, so on these days some of the kids have to pair up. Today we only had our two classroom iPads, so we played boys against girls. I placed the students in two rows (boy and girl), once they answered, they just had to pass the iPad onto the next student. It worked really well!

  3. Hi Amy!! Thank you so much for linking up for Tech Tuesday. I hope you will link up again sometime! Kahoot seems like such a great tool for engagement. It's so helpful how you explained all the steps. I will be coming back to your post as I use this my students.
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

    1. I am so glad you found it helpful! Let me know how it goes with the kiddos!

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